Celia is an Unseelie Satyr Wilder in the Kingdom of Mist in the Kingdom of Albion.

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Celia is the embodiment of a free spirit; she has hitchhiked to Prague and back, twice, and visited freeholds across the continent with only a bicycle, a backpack and her Glamour to guide her. She went through her Chrysalis in Greece, as a 16 year old in the hills above Athens. She returned to her parents house in Bath confused and broke, for once needing the attention and comfort she had for so long scorned. But her mother was away on business, and the expansion of her father's work down at the market kept him far too busy to deal with a wayward teenager. While on a long walk during that delicate time she stumbled upon Fellowship Hall, and found the only true family she has ever known.

Though she was bom to relatively wealthy parents, Celia has always tried to prove to herself (and everyone around her) that she doesn't need help from anyone. The friends she has found at Fellowship Hall don't smother her, and she has the freedom to do as she pleases. For now, she is traveling around the area with a dance troupe. Tomorrow she may quit and spend a month camping out on the downs. Her only companion is a little yellow bird chimera that she calls Whittle. As long as Whittle is around she is convinced she doesn't need anyone.

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A lithe beauty, Celia's mixed heritage has graced her with an au lait complexion and long, dark ringlets, which are usually worn free or swept off her face by a silver comb. Moving with an athletic grace, she is quick on her feet and a dancer without equal at Fellowship Hall's revels.

In her fae mien, Celia's short ivory horns peek modestly through her black tresses. Her painted toenails, shown off in her mortal guise through open-toed sandals, turn into brightly lacquered hooves in her satyr form.

Personal Edit

Celia lives to explore, to experience, and to have fun. Those who refuse to embrace life will be left in the dust, and those who know how to soar will rise up. She seeks out those like her, and we'll just see who lasts the longest.

References Edit

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