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Garou glyph signifying "Celestine".

Celestine is a term used by the Fera to describe the greatest spirits; the closest things the Garou have to gods. Examples are Luna (the Moon) and Helios (the Sun).


The Celestines are celestial spirits in the mythology of the Fera. Within the celestial hierarchy, they are just under Gaia and the Triat. Their power is equal to the ancient gods. They rule from the Shard Realm and are often worshiped by both the Garou and humans - although their relation to God and the Elohim, if any, is unknown.

A Celestine’s true form is unimaginable, they are both sentient and highly intelligent. Communication and communion between Celestines and lesser beings are only possible through avatars. These avatars are aspects of themselves in guises lesser beings can understand. To create one, the Celestine merely wills itself to appear in a limited form; each Celestine is capable of maintaining multiple avatars at once. Each avatar contains a mere shard of the Celestine’s true power, although it still makes them among the most powerful beings in the spirit world.

As the name implies, Celestines dwell in the heavens. For every planet in our solar system, for every massive astronomical phenomenon, there is a spiritual presence that dwells in the spirit world, both as a manifestation in the Aetherial Realm and in the cold, inimical, and uncaring madness of the Deep Umbra. Most Celestines dwell in realms of their own creation, in which they possess on limited, localized omniscience and omnipresence.

Helios and Luna are literally the sun and moon and if slain those heavenly bodies would cease to be. Apart from this pair, however, there are other different Celestines, some are avatars of a member of the Triat, others are ancient spirits that humanity used to worship as gods, giving rise to many ancient beliefs such as Greek mythology.