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The Celestial Masters- sometimes also called Navigators- are a Legacy among the Moros and the Silver Ladder— although in recent times the Legacy has also taken hold among the Free Council— that concentrates on the scientific and philosophical implications of the transformation and conservation of energy and mass, as well as its practical applications.

Initially, the Legacy's attainments used Space as the primary Arcanum. It was only after the shift in philosophy that Forces became the focus and Space became something of an afterthought. Today, the Celestial Masters are some of the most magically accomplished Willworkers, simply because learning their Attainments takes a great deal of skill.


When first man gazed up into the Heavens and saw the stars, what did he think? Those twinkling dots of light represented something far away, unattainable, something that became the object of longing and symbolic of the most fervent wishes. As knowledge of astronomy progressed, the stargazer learned that the light he saw was from celestial bodies long dead, reaching Earth long after the start that generated it burned out. The modern world is not without hope, but today's discovery kills yesterday's myth, and some find this depressing. But progress, fortunately, provides new wonder. Matter and energy are never destroyed, and that means everything that now exists was once in a different form. Put another way, the dead stars break down and become other elements -- even, eventually, living matter.

The Celestial Masters began in the Age of Exploration as a Legacy devoted to mapping the Heavens. As the years progressed, however, they realized that the adage "as above, so below" was true in many ways. All of the energy of the stars could be found here on Earth, and gradually, the Legacy's focus changed to an understanding of how this transition happens.