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Written by: James Estes, Looking Eagle
Developed by: Phil Brucato
Edited by: Cynthia Summers
Vice President in Charge of Production: Richard Thomas
Art Directors: Lawrence Snelly, Aileen E. Miles
Layout & Typesetting: Aileen E. Miles
Art: Vince Locke, Paul S. Phillips, Joshua Gabriel Timbrook, Andrew Trabbold
Front Cover Art: Michael William Kaluta
Front & Back Cover Design: Aileen E. Miles
Very Special Thanks To:

Jennifer Hartshorn, whose fierce vision lingers beyond her departure.
Trace O'Conner, who brought grace and humor to a thankless job.
Joshua Gabriel Timbrook, who set the standard for those who dwell in Darkness.
Remy Blaine, whose succinct observations reminded us that even the quiet ones have teeth.
Lisa Charlton, who still holds her head high among The Great Unwashed.
David Remy, who gave so that others might survive.
Cindi Mayberry and Roger Smith, who left us all too few expressions of their great talents.
Sean Bajar, whose dreams came and went too soon.
Bruce Butkovitch, who left to tour a little sooner than expected.
Lori Sanders, former den mother for the Rage gang.
...and Elizabeth Folkes, who needs the Goddess' blessings more than most, it seems.
On Black Wednesday, Icarus fell to Earth. All of you made the sacrifice that allows this book, and future ones, to see publication. Everyone will be missed. We are poorer for your departure.

Publisher: White Wolf Publishing, Inc.
Imprint: White Wolf Game Studio
Published: 1996
Pages: 72
Publication #: WW 04065
Reference #: ISBN 1-56504-411-8
Online: Bullet-rpg
Price: PDF: $6.00

Celestial Chorus Tradition Book is the first edition sourcebook for the Celestial Chorus Tradition in Mage: The Ascension.


From the White Wolf catalog:

Our Song is Our Strength
For millennia, the Choristers have raised their voices in praise of the One. healers, missionaries and defenders of the faith, these mysticks have battled outside resistance, internal dissent and Infernal temptations in their long aria to the ultimate union.
Our Voices, the Touch of God
Now the tale of their struggles has been collected in a concise yet inspiring Book of the Ages. As the Reconciliation approaches, the Chorus redoubles its efforts. The fate of humanity may hang upon their holy Song...
Be At Peace
The Celestial Chorus Tradition Book overflows with love, magick and questions of faith, includes:
  • The Holy Singers' teachings and inside history.
  • Ready-to-play character templates and important historical figures.
  • Mystick rotes, holy artifacts and more.


Prelude: The Book of AgesEdit

An in-universe text in the form of a preface of the fourth edition of the Book of Ages, a document made by the Choristers to record their history. Gives a basic rundown of the Chorus as well as the lexicon.

Chapter One: TheogonyEdit

The history of the Chorus. The choristers divide their history into the First Age (Pre-History to 2 BCE), the Second Age (2BCE to 312CE),the Third Age (312CE to 1325CE), and the Fourth Age (1325CE to the present). Additionally covers the status and locations of Choristers around the world

Chapter Two: The EnchiridionEdit

The teachings and principles of the Chorus, written in the form of a guide. Covers things such as the nature of The One, the Chorus' relations to religions, as well as Factions and the Hierarchy.

Chapter Three: The Palatine SyllabusEdit

A series of commonly held beliefs within the Chorus of the various other groups and factions within the World of Darkness/

Chapter Four: HagiographyEdit

Archetypes and Notable members of the Chorus.

Appendix: The Song of SongsEdit

The different ways the Chorus utilises Spheres, Foci, as well as Rotes and Recommended Reading.

Background InformationEdit

This book was one of the first books published following the infamous Black Wednesday. Unlike the typical inside-joke, questionable-taste nature of the Special Thanks section, this book's was a solemn remembrance of the people whose jobs were affected by the cut.

Memorable QuotesEdit





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