The Cauldron of Fear is a powerful Treasure of House Balor.

Overview Edit

The Cauldron of Fear was constructed in ages past and kept as a House secret during the Interregnum. It is a large, black cauldron that looks vaguely rusty but when filled with stagnant water and placed over a fire it produces a fine, almost invisible mist that spreads over a great hall or battlefield with the winds. Those caught in the mist experience terror in their hearts and even the bravest knights and honorable opponents flee in a panic, often dropping their weapons or anything else they are carrying in their haste to get away. The drawback is that if the wind changes, the ones using the cauldron could be caught in the backlash.

System Edit

Only those succeeding at a Willpower roll, difficulty 9, can remain in the vicinity of the mist and they still act or fight with a penalty as though they were at the Wounded health level. The effects last for half an hour and once someone has succumbed to the mist, they must remain from its vicinity for the full time.

References Edit

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