The Catacomb Club, one of the societies of the fae, is a semi-public "gentlemen's club" (though there are female members) of Enobled Commoners seeking to reclaim their former power and position.

Overview Edit

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Most of the members of the Catacomb Club are also among the most powerful commoner members of the Parliament of Dreams. Members belong to all three political Impulses of fae political life, though it is predominantly Reformist in makeup. Despite its egalitarian rhetoric, the Club is ultimately out for the power of its members and is not particularly for the rights of the common changeling. The Club is almost as disliked by the Ranters, who prefer violence to the pen and tongue, as it is by the Beltaine Blade.

The Club is primarily a political organization and as a whole does not go out of this venue in the acquisition of power. This is not always true of its individual members, who have been known to use highly illegal methods to advance personal agendas. The Catacomb Club enjoys popular support among many commoners, though most of them know little of its true workings. The Club is generally methodical and efficient: a smoke-filled room where much of the Kithain's policies are made.

References Edit

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