The psion’s biological mastery is so great that he may break the very bonds that connect a target’s component molecules. Catabolysis may be used on any living thing, from animals to bioware to people. All that remains after using this destructive power is a puddle of gray sludge. This is universally devastating to all who suffer its vile effects. Norce keeps this power secret, not only because of its effects, but because it is one of the few Biokinetic powers that can be used to affect others.

System: Spend three Psi points and a Willpower point, then roll Psi at +1 difficulty. Each success rolled equals one Health Level of Lethal damage inflicted on a target. Your character must touch the subject physically, interrupting its bio-organic aura. This attack ignores hardtech armor. Biotech armor may soak the damage because it still has a vestigial psi aura (but is destroyed in the process). However, armor formed through use of psionic powers (such as Gross Manipulation) cannot soak. Since such psionically formed armor is simply a part of the subject’s own organic nature, as it is destroyed the subject herself is injured. The organic subject that suffers this damage is utterly annihilated, starting from the point of contact. Even if the target doesn’t die from the attack (an unlikely prospect), the body parts turned to sludge can never be reformed - that part of the subject’s “biological template” has been erased. All that’s left is unstable gray ooze. It’s been suggested that advanced vitakinetic techniques could restore a victim’s lost template, but such an endeavor would be extremely difficult.

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