Cat Boots are a Level Two Pooka Treasure of the Kithain.



Many lifetimes ago, or so the story goes, a shoemaker in London saved the life of a cat after it had run afoul of a large dog. The shoemaker nursed the cat back to health and in exchange, the cat, who was a pooka, helped the shoemaker. For a year and a day, every set of boots that the shoemaker created had the special quality that they made other people ignore the wearer’s presence. Changelings came from around the world to purchase the boots and the shoemaker prospered, retired rich and happy, and eventually the pooka went on his way. The boots, called Cat Boots, resemble thigh-high pirate boots. They fit loosely to the legs and turn down at the upper edge. Hard-soled and sturdy, they never wear out. A changeling wearing the boots doesn’t become invisible, as with Veiled Eyes; others merely write them out of their consciousness. If, however, a person is looking directly at the changeling when they puts on the boots, that person will continue to see them until they look away. When they looks back, the changeling will have apparently left the room. The boots do not affect mortals, only other changelings. Naturally, few sidhe care to be “ignored” in this fashion, but the commoner kith find them quite useful.


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