Nicknames: Sneaks, Suits, Bogarts, the Network

A diverse and loosely associated faction, the Casablancas are the Teragen's eyes and ears. While the other factions go about their business, the Casablancas hover on the periphery, using their contacts and skills to make sure no nasty surprises are in store for the movement. More importantly, and an oft ignored fact, it is the Casablancas who keep Terats united and in contact with each other. It is not unheard of for a Suit to drop in unannounced and check up on a fellow Terat. Most hosts do not object because the exchange of information is two-way. Recently, the Casablancas have taken on the role of coordinators, helping to transform the Teragen into more organized and effective movement. Organizing the takedown of Saxon is a prime example of this new role.

Membership: Even more so than NV, the Casablancas are an open group - all it takes to belong is an interest in keeping the Teragen informed and aware of external and internal threats. Count Orzaiz is the group's lynchpin, but Terats such as Sin-Eater (Meena Harjapatan), Synapse and, on occasion, Epoch contribute to the diversity of the Suits. Since participation in the Network is one of the few ways of serving the Teragen anonymously, its members outnumber the rest of the Teragen factions by two to one. They keep a very low profile, commonly staying just out of sight of those who wouldn't approve of their Teragen affiliation. Despite NV's blatant anti-Utopia sentiment, it's the Casablancas who truly worry the Project.

Motivations: Discounting conspiracy theories, the Casablancas are the nervous system of the Teragen and are primarily concerned with the movement's survival and continued growth. Of course, individual Suits have their own reasons for participating, but most are patriots of the movement.

Allies and Foes: With Orzaiz at the helm, many radicals see the Casablancas as nothing more than an attempt by the count to retain his baseline ties while still being a Terat. Although Shrapnel understands the need for the Sneaks, her younger followers are pressuring her to cut all ties with them.