The Carnon are a bloodline of the Gangrel Clan of vampires. Born from neo-paganism and similar alternative lifestyles, the Carnon revel in a Requiem of excess and the hunt.

They are allied with the Circle of the Crone and in general opposed to the Lancea et Sanctum.

Overview[edit | edit source]

The Carnon trace themselves to an individual they call John Carnon. How exactly he came to be Embraced is unclear, but it happened somewhere between 1965 and 1967. Based on just the barest threads of pagan belief and imagery, he chose to fashion himself and his Requiem on the virile and wild Horned God archetype. In 1970, all but starving and tripping on precious little laced Vitae, he fell into a terrible frenzy while in pursuit of a woman on the streets of San Francisco. According to bloodline legend, this frenzy lasted for six nights. On the seventh, John Carnon’s blood had changed into the Carnon bloodline.

What later happened to John Carnon is not known, except that he sired five childer and vanished. His childer learned more about the pagan beliefs, and came to identify the Church of Longinus with the Catholic Church that had repressed their faith long ago. The Carnon became pagan radicals with a rock ‘n roll sensibility, and hedonistic new vampires ate it up.

While all Carnon typically live short Requiems before they go on a rampage like their founder, a sizeable group has remained that has spread into throughout the United States and into parts of Canada and Mexico.

Weakness[edit | edit source]

The Carnon share the weakness of their parent Clan, but have also an additional ban. While all Gangrel face the challenge of the Beast over riding their rational minds and mores, a Carnon must endure the Beast’s gradual usurpation of his body. As a Carnon’s Humanity spirals lower, his body alters into that of a mystical wild man, growing a tangled, crusted beard even if he had none in life. His eyes yellow and twist into those of a goat. His teeth yellow and take on an animal-like, predatory shape that cannot be hidden. Without an expenditure of Vitae to stir the blush of life, a Carnon is much more likely to attract mortal attention through his physical weirdness than typical Kindred. A Carnon does not simply appear distorted in reflections or photographs — he appears as a horned shape. With rising Blood Potency, actual horns sprout from their forehead, making them walking violations of the Masquerade.

In addition, due to the Carnon bloodline’s closeness with the Beast, Carnon do not gain the benefits of the 10-again rule on dice pools to resist frenzy. In exchange, however, a Carnon enjoys the benefits of the 9-again rule on Resolve + Composure rolls to “ride the wave”.

References[edit | edit source]

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