Desperate elders seeking ways of staving off Gehenna and the Beckoning increasingly seek out the Brazilian-Irish Toreador archaeologist Carmelita Neillson. She unearths the past and interviews Kindred, chronicling a vast array of vampire history and conversations with vampires as old as two millennia. The Camarilla forbids her from archiving any of her findings electronically, so she has established several “Neillson Libraries” in discreet locations. Her friendly manner, natural curiosity, and abilities as a polyglot make her a natural choice to debrief a Methuselah just awakening from torpor, investigate a ruined temple, or interpret a captured Sabbat scripture. Believing that art need not be in a frame or museum to be admired, Carmelita strongly feels the greatest art, one ignored by Kindred for so long, is the storytelling of their own kind. A gifted storyteller and writer, Carmelita’s skills appeal to many Toreador who wish to break the “pretty and talentless” stereotype. In 1999, Carmelita and Guillaume Giovanni, under the direction of the ubiquitous Beckett, uncovered the resting place of the Katherine of Montpellier. Guillaume fell under Katherine's fangs, sating the hunger of centuries, as did the ghouls who had accompanied the two explorers. Shortly after this, Katherina shared her knowledge about Toreador history and such artifacts as the Lamp of Constantine with her descendant Carmelita.


VTM: Clanbook: Toreador Revised

VTM: Vampire: The Masquerade 5th Edition

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