Cardinal is a title held by a Sabbat vampire who oversees sect affairs in large geographical regions.


As the direct superiors of the Archbishops, Cardinals coordinate the Sabbat in their cities and direct them in the Jyhad. Further, it is their direct duty to bring any cities within their territory under the Sabbat’s sway. Most Sabbat see their Cardinals no more than once per year, if at all, as the duties of the office keep them in constant communication with Bishops, Archbishops, Prisci, and the Regent herself.

Cardinals are old, powerful and deadly, having spent many centuries or more amassing their personal and political power. Many young Sabbat wonder why vampires of this age oppose the Antediluvians at all, as they are closer to the ancients than young cainites like themselves. For whatever reason, cardinals support and guide the Sabbat in the great Jyhad with terrifying efficiency.


Cardinals seldom answer to the Regent or the Prisci unless their activities have a detrimental effect on the Sabbat as a whole. They are responsible for all that happens within their regions, and for planning and delegating all Sabbat activities within their respective regions. There are 13 Cardinals, chosen by status within the sect and not by clan.[citation needed] The Cardinals duties include:

  • To assist and advise the Regent;
  • To handle all disputes that cannot be resolved by the Archbishops or Bishops;
  • Authority to make/break alliances and declare enemies;
  • To promote or demote those of a lesser rank;
  • To remove the initiated status from a lower-ranked member of the Sabbat;
  • Being members of the Consistory with full voting power;

Known CardinalsEdit

Name Domain Clan Generation Time Active Source(s)
Agnes  ? Tzimisce  ? Circa 1933
Ambrosio Luis Monçada  ? Lasombra 6 Circa 1933
Bruce de Guy  ? Ventrue antitribu  ? Circa 1933
Charles VI (Charles Delmare) South America Lasombra 8 1808 to the mid-20th century
Dark Selina New England Brujah 5 Dark Colony, p. 34
Francisco Domingo de Polonia Eastern American Territories Lasombra 7 Since 1999
Greyhound  ? Lasombra  ? Circa 2000 until Gehenna
Huroff  ? Nosferatu antitribu  ? Circa 1933
Kyle Strathcona Canada Ventrue antitribu 8 Since the 19th century
Melinda Galbraith Mexico City, Mexico Toreador antitribu 5  ?
Menuven  ? Lasombra  ? Circa 2000
Mysancta  ? Lasombra  ? Circa 2000-present
Radu Bistri Transylvania, then Eastern American Territories circa 1803; currently no fixed location Tzimisce 7 Circa 1803-present
Sascha Vykos  ? Tzimisce 6 Circa 2000 Clan Lasombra Trilogy Book 1: Shards, p. 15-17
Smallpox Griet North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany Nosferatu antitribu 8 until 1999 Reichsgold: Aachen bei Nacht, p. 73
Timofiev  ? Lasombra  ? Until 2000
Velya the Vivisectionist (and Elaine Cassidy) The Land Beyond The Forest Tzimisce 5  ?


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