The Carcinomas are the Pandoran Mockery of the Zeka Lineage of Prometheans.

Carcinomas are composed completely of cancerous tissue, living tumors that hungrily seek out the Vitriol and Pyros of Prometheans. There is a certain amount of variation in how Carcinomas appear, ranging from vestigial limbs to vaguely humanoid shapes, but not a single Carcinoma has eyes, rendering the entire Mockery blind. In addition, a Carcinoma can only heal itself through radioactivity, similarly to the Zeka.

Although most Mockeries have a limited intelligence at best, the Carcinomas have no capacity for cunning or strategy whatsoever. They exist to feed, and it is only when directed by another that they have any direction.

Dormant Carcinomas meld with hard, porous materials such as brick, stone, or concrete. They appear as distorted shadows, akin to nuclear silhouettes but twisted even further. However, they do not have the similar Zeka Bestowment Victim Shadow; instead, their Bestowment is Radioactive Affinity.