The Caporetti are a Nosferatu bloodline linked to the Battle of Caporetto in 1917, in the Italian Alps. Avalanches and landslides trapped countless soldiers in their trenches, and some of the region's Nosferatu burrowed under the snow to take advantage of the bounty. While a specific founder has not been identified, the Caporetti rapidly spread out from their place of origin to other mountainous and subterranean territories.

Like all Nosferatu, the Caporetti are disfigured, with a "mole-like" appearance and over-sized hands suited for burrowing through both snow and soil. In addition, they are surrounded by an aura of intense cold; the air temperature actually drops as much as ten degrees Celsius when a Caporetto is nearby, and it is far harder for them to pass among the living, even using high levels of Obfuscate. Consequently, many of them live, literally, underground and lead relatively isolated lives. Their ability to burst up unexpectedly from below makes them efficient assassins and spies, but the risk of a Masquerade breach may be too high for some Princes to tolerate.

References Edit

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