Cantrips are the complex ways of faerie magic (also referred to as Draocht by some Grumps), that are used by modern Changelings. While Cantrips are not a new invention, they have become the only alternative since the Shattering, as the high levels of Banality make Unleashing impossibly without being Undone.


In essence, casting a Cantrip involves the manipulation of Glamour, both in the Dreaming and in the mortal world (naturally, using Cantrips in the Dreaming is somewhat easier). A changeling sparks his own internal Glamour and thereby creates a link with the Dreaming - a link strong enough that he can draw upon and form the raw stuff of the Dreaming to suit his desires.


Before the Cantrip is used, the Changeling has to whether his Cantrip is to affect only chimerical beings (which would make it a chimerical Cantrip) or is also meant to target beings in the Autumn World (which would make it a Wyrd Cantrip). Wyrd Cantrips always cost Glamour upon activation.

The actual Cantrip is divided into two parts:

  • Arts - the way of shaping Glamour to a desired end to manipulate the world
  • Realms - the objects the Changeling can influence via his art. Changelings may attempt to use more than one Realm in their Cantrip

After that, the Cantrip is theoretically ready to be used. However, the Glamour must be stabilized, lest it desintegrates.

This is achieved via a Bunk, an action that establishes a link to the Dreaming. Bunks vary from Changeling to Changeling and from Cantrip to Cantrip. Some involve long procedures, while other are as simple as clapping your hands.


Cantrips can be resisted by tapping into the numbness of Banality, which disperses the Glamour used against them. Only Changelings and Dauntain can use this effect, other supernatural beings, no matter how banal, are not sensitive enough for it. Doing so naturally raises Banality.

Other ways include Gremayre, the lore of the Dreaming, which allows the Changeling to Counterweave the Cantrip if he possess the same Realm.

Permanent Cantrips Edit

While in their freeholds the nobility (and some highly talented commoners) are able to cast cantrips that withstand the rigors of Banality and time. Permanent cantrips require the expenditure of permanent Glamour and the Art of Chronos.


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