The Canda Bhanu are a brahmin-caste bloodline of India. Along with the Amara Havana and the Rakshasa, they represent the dominant powers among Indian Kindred.

The original Canda Bhanu were blood sorcerers and priests descended from Clan Mekhet. However, in the last days of the Roman Empire a Roman Ventrue and his childer made their way to India to escape a crime so horrid it would have meant his death. They wiped out the tiny Canda Bhanu bloodline and took over their name and offices, but they suffer from lingering curses as a result: one, they are unusually vulnerable to manipulation through the Disciplines of other Kindred, and two, they are doomed to fall in blood and treachery just as their predecessors did. However, the modern Canda Bhanu may not even be aware of their fraudulent origins.

In the 19th century, the Canda Bhanu tried to sell out their Indian Kindred to the invading Europeans, but were in turn betrayed themselves. They fled to the north of India, where they eventually built an alliance with the Rakshasa and Amara Havana (who did not realize the Canda Bhanu had helped orchestrate the slaughter of their elders). Together, they lead a reconquista of India, systematically driving out the Westerners and reclaiming their territory. In modern nights, the Canda Bhanu openly call for revenge against the European Kindred, but in private they have maintained some diplomatic ties with them. They still hope to use the foreigners as a catspaw to break the power of the other bloodlines one and for all, so that they alone can reign supreme.

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