Callisti y Castillo is a powerful Toreador methuselah, the Cainite Prince of Buenos Aires, and sire of Rafael de Corazón, one of the Founders of the Camarilla.


Some older Toreador claim that the real name of Callisti y Castillo is actually Alexandria, who is believed to be a 5th generation Toreador that controls a number of casinos in Chile and Argentina - an extremely beautiful vampire who is responsible for most of the Camarilla's activities in Argentina. 

She traveled to the New World with Francisco Pizarro's expedition. She is known to have feuded with Helena, another ancient Toreador who came to the New World around the same time.

She is the current Prince of Buenos Aires but not your typical Toreador. In addition to her already busy schedule, she is possibly the greatest art thief to ever exist. She has stolen many of the greatest masterpieces in existence, replacing them with undetectable fakes.

Other Princes have placed her on their most-wanted lists under the identity of "Red Ludwig". She is the owner of one of the largest private collections of museum-quality works.


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