The Caller of the Wyld is a Garou who has the responsibility of summoning the sept's totems, including the spirit of the caern, during moots.


Although Theurges usually serve in this position due to their proclivity for communicating with spirits and their general familiarity with the Spirit World, other auspices can act as Caller of the Wyld if they enjoy dealing with the denizens of the spirit world. This position requires a good grounding in Umbral politics.

The Caller of the Wyld should know whether or not any rival totem spirits exist within the caern so that she does not offend one spirit by summoning only the other one. Since the Caller of the Wyld one needs to be present during moots, she may leave the caern with her pack when the sept has a mission for young Garou. In generations past, the Caller of the Wyld had the assistance of Garou who physically embodied the totems. These offices, known collectively as the Shining Ones, have fallen into disuse for the most part. Only those septs run by the Stargazers and Uktena still carry on the traditions.

Reportedly, the Uktena perform an intricate ritual dance wherein the Shining Ones, assuming the roles of the totems, interweave vines and moonlight into a complex Rite of Spirit Binding. The Stargazer's ritual is far less spectacular but no less effective, as the Shining Ones actually channel the spirit totems. For those septs without Shining Ones, the Caller of the Wyld must bear the brunt of the summoning himself.



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