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Call to Battle: The Saga of Jay No-Name is a fiction novel for Werewolf: The Apocalypse.


From the Back Cover:

Book One in the Saga of Jay No-Name
Life's tough enough for Jay Caldwell. He's trapped at military school, estranged from his stepfather, and brutalized by his sadistic headmaster. Things only get worse when he discovers he's a werewolf... that he's the subject of secret experiments by a ruthless technomantic mage... and that he and all his kind are pawns in a deadly scheme concocted by the werewolves' greatest enemies
Call to Battle is a novel based on White Wolf's popular collectible card game Rage and set in the World of Darkness.



The sub-title gives away that the book was originally planned as a Trilogy.

The CCG Crash of 1996 and the downturn of the Book Market in 1996 led to White Wolf cutting most of the Fiction and CCG departments. This trilogy ended up getting hit as a result, especially with Ethan Skemp wanting Werewolf and Rage novels being about werewolves and not Mage creations.

Book Two and Book Three by Doug Murray, which were finished and edited, but never published: would actually delve into the fact that Jay No-Name was paradoxical in nature and have predictable Mage: The Ascension-esque results from that.

Source: fiction: call to battle thread on alt.games.whitewolf, White Wolf Night Edition, White Wolf Publishing 1996 Catalog

The concept of a Mage-created Garou might have been better accepted now, considering that there are now Mockery Breeds from W20 Book of the Wyrm and Storyteller's Vault.

The novel may be labeled as a Rage novel, but the only Rage character to show up in the book is Eater-of-Bears.

Also, despite being labeled as a Bubasti, Jay No-Name shifts into the Khara War-Form before the Khara were actually described in the Bastet Book.


School Days

On the Road

The Ordeal

Back to School



The Battle Continues

The following is an excerpt from the action-packed adventure

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Breathe Deeply.

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Memorable Quotes

"Dr. Caldwell laughed with delight when Jay shifted into his cat form. "Wonderful!" He moved as close to the battle as possible, studying the tawny figure. "A Smilodon! That's incredible!"" - From page 383


  • Jay "No-Name" Caldwell (Homid Theurge Uktena/Bubasti)
  • Arthur Heidel (Homid Garou, Sweet's Cadets)
  • Colonel Sweet (Ronin Homid Shadow Lord)
  • Doctor Robert Caldwell (Progenitor Mage)
  • Larry Gianetto (Homid Garou, Sweet's Cadets)
  • Paul Francis (Homid Garou, Sweet's Cadets)
  • Dancing Star (Female Theurge Uktena Ancestor Spirit)
  • Anitra Woodfriend (Female Uktena Kinfolk)
  • Thomas Woodfriend (Homid Theurge Uktena)
  • John Torrico (Garou, Sweet's Cadets)
  • Mark Marmor (Garou, Sweet's Cadets)
  • Aaron First-born of Avram (Silver Fang, Moon Lodge)
  • Eater-of-Bears
  • Goldberg (Garou, Sweet's Cadets)
  • Kevin Caldwell (Homid Uktena/Bubasti)
  • Frawck (Black Spiral Dancer Pack Leader)
  • Les Solow (Black Spiral Dancer)
  • Crwal (Black Spiral Dancer)
  • Dowling (Fomori)
  • Sudano (Fomori)
  • Tarver (Fomori)
  • Pilson (Fomori)
  • Haynes (Fomori)
  • Karlson (Fomori)
  • Dwargh (Black Spiral Dancer)
  • Kracklw (Black Spiral Dancer)
  • Mgret (Female Black Spiral Dancer)
  • Talnos (Black Spiral Dancer)
  • Lvya (Female Black Spiral Dancer)
  • Nslin (Black Spiral Dancer)
  • Zorn (Garou, Sweet's Cadets)
  • Terry (Garou, Sweet's Cadets)
  • Brant (Garou, Sweet's Cadets)
  • Jennings (Garou, Sweet's Cadets)
  • Jmsyn (Black Spiral Dancer)
  • Drelng (Black Spiral Dancer)
  • Waller (Fomori)
  • Polkow (Fomori)
  • Rogers (Fomori)
  • John Munholland (Fomori)
  • Todt (Fomori)
  • Jefferson (Fomori)
  • Shenk (Fomori)
  • Hollings (Fomori)
  • Bermen (Fomori)



Marietta Military Academy, Dream Zone, Vista, Staff of Dancing Star (Fetish),

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