Calinthe is an Unseelie Sidhe Wilder of House Ailil in the freehold of Silverwood.

Overview Edit

Calinthe is the fosterling of Lady Arlana of House Ailil. As part of her training, she makes sure guests to the Unseelie freehold "sleep well." She is yet unaware of how affairs of the bedroom mirror affairs of the stateroom, and Arlana has noted that when she is capable of exercising the same allure standing up as lying down, her education on politics will be complete. While she appears to enjoy her duties, she has a difficult time with partings as she is yet young and gives her heart too easily.

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She prefers simple black garb, with her long russet hair tied with silver cords. She is quite comfortable in her skin and not afraid to be seen naked. She enjoys poking fun at the bashful.

References Edit

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