The Calephetos, or "Dance of Death," is a song traditional to the Tragoidia; a Satyr celebration of death and life.

Dance of Death, Dance of Life Edit


The traditional music played at a tragoidia may not sound like all one song, but it is. It begins with the sorrowful dirge that calls the Banality-ridden grump to choose between life and death. This section has no words and is the most memorable, for it comes from the very heart of satyr passions. Throughout the numerous movements of this extended and diverse song, on chorus repeats over and over. The actual verses of the calephetos vary greatly, changing regularly as new ones get added and old ones get forgotten, but the chorus remains the same year after year: It advises the satyrs to celebrate life for soon the cycle will end. Shouts of encouragement, usually accompanied with the raising of a glass in toast, punctuate the lines. The satyrs sing:

Cast off your shell. Dance beneath the moon. (Let's dance!) Sing hi-dee-hi-dee-ho and play a lively tune. (Let's sing!) Hear your heart pump and feel your blood flow. We're alive. We're in love and dawn is coming soon. (Let's f***!)

References Edit

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