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Kolkata, anglicized as Calcutta, is a major urban center in northeastern India and the capital of West Bengal. For the real-world city, see: Kolkata.

in 1691 the British East India Company leased land near a trio of villages, one of which was called Kalikata and gave its name to the growing city.[1] The city's official name was Calcutta until 2001, when the spelling was changed to Kolkata to conform to the local Bengali pronunciation.

Vampire: The Masquerade

British-ruled Calcutta became a haven for European Kindred, mostly Tremere, and those Hindu Cainites hiding from the Ashirra's domination of the rest of India - the eastern branch of Clan Ravnos, and the Danava and Daitya bloodlines, mainly. In 1856, the Tremere helped trigger the Sepoy Mutiny, which lead to India's First War of Independence. The Ashirra rushed to back the rebels, only to face heavy losses when the British brutally suppressed the movement. This allowed the Camarilla to openly take power in Calcutta and Delhi, while other parts of northern India passed to the control of Hindu Cainites or to younger Ashirra more open to cooperation than their elders.[2]

The alliance of Western and Hindu vampires against the Ashirra did not last, however, and many Hindu Cainites felt they had more in common with Hindu kuei-jin of the Infinite Thunders Court than with their Western "kindred." Calcutta eventually fell to the kuei-jin at the end of he Victorian era.[3] At some point, the kin-jin reclaimed it; until 1999, the Camarilla Prince of Calcutta was James Abernathie.[4]

Tensions between the Kindred and the Infinite Thunders Court continued throughout the twentieth century, but the cold war began to turn hot some time in the 1990s. The Ravnos of Calcultta resorted to Sabbat-style mass Embraces in an attempt to overwhelm their enemies with sheer numbers. The Final Deaths of so many vampires in such a concentrated area, and in such a short amount of time, eventually awoke the Ravnos Antediluvian from torpor and sent it rampaging into nearby Bangladesh, triggering the Week of Nightmares in 1999.[5]

Kindred of the East

An ancient yulan-jin, the Beggar King of Calcutta, is the self-appointed patron of the city's poor and dispossessed.[6]

Mage: The Ascension

Calcutta is home to a chapter house of the Arcanum, lead from 1985 to 1988 by Dr. Sandeep D'Souza.[7]

Changeling: The Dreaming

The Grey Monks of House Liam have a significant presence in Kolkata, where they study means of generating Glamour from Hindu rituals and beliefs. They represent the largest segment of the Monks studying religions other than Christianity.[8]

Time of Judgment Timeline

In 2003, WTOJ reported two separate incidents from Calcutta: a riot related to "the ascension of the demon avatars" (probably kuei-jin following the heretical dharma Face of the Gods) and a sudden plague of rats implicitly linked to Ratkin.[9]