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Cainite Heresy is a supplement for Vampire: The Dark Ages with information on how the Kindred have managed to corrupt and blasphemy the church of the Dark Medieval period.


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Shadows Creep Up the Basilica
It is the time of the Red Pentecost and the Albigensian Crusade. Soon the Third Caine will walk the land, tearing asunder the world of illusion and daring to face the rage of unholy Ialdabaoth, the Womb of Creation. In the sleepy towns of France and the cities of Italy, the adherents of heresy await, the taste of blood on their lips and only the purest flame of devotion in their hearts.
Blood Drains From the Altar
The Cainite Heresy tears away the veils of secrecy from this most profane and devout sect of vampires. Learn how high the tendrils of Cainite influence wind in the Lateran Palace. Discover the unholy rites and initiations the Heresy practices, its hidden signs and rituals. All of the darkest secrets of the foulest heresy ever known await your pleasure within, though be warned: Such knowledge is not for the weak of heart — or of soul.


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Archbishop of Nod, Bishop of Nod, Book of the Shining Blood, Cainite Heresy (VTDA), Crimson Curia

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