This article is about the for vampires in Vampire: The Masquerade and Vampire: The Dark Ages. For other uses of the term, see Cainite (disambiguation).

Cainite is a term used to refer to the vampires as members of the race of Caine, in the World of Darkness.


Though its use has waned since the Dark Ages, the term "Cainite" remains being employed by vampires to recall their descendant from Caine, the Third Mortal and First Vampire. In the modern nights, the term is more popular among members of the Sabbat and a rare few traditionalist elders who predate the sects.

Vampires of the Camarilla prefer the more innocuous term "Kindred" instead of "Cainite". This is especially true of secularists and party-line loyalists who reject the myth of Caine as the First Vampire. The Sabbat, in turn, eschews the term "Kindred" as an affectation of feigned camaraderie and humanity.

Other vampires who do not believe they are descended from Caine, such as the Laibon and many Assamites and Setites, likewise object to the term. Likewise, the term "Cainite" does not apply to the Kuei-jin or other vampire-like beings who do not share an origin with the descendants of Caine.


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