Name: Cahalith
Plural: Cahalith
Pronunciation: kuh-hall-ith
Nicknames: Visionary
Auspice: Gibbous Moon
Renown: Glory
Gifts: Gibbous Moon, Inspiration, Knowledge
Ability: Prophetic Dreams
Specialties: Crafts, Expression, Persuasion

Cahalith serve as visionaries and more often than not they are overcome by thoughts and impulses that demand expression in form of artistry or musicianship of a sort.

They are ridden by their dreams and uphold the Uratha's culture, remembering old legends and tales; Cahalith also look toward the future, able to find answers to tomorrow's problems of the future in yesterday's tales. And even those without artistic talent are at least able to express themselves in their poignant howls.

Within a pack, the Cahalith most often fills the role of holding knowledge and information on almost everything. Their auspice ability allows them to catch glimpses of the future in their prophetic dreams, receiving clues from their interpretations.

First Change: Luna's gift to the visionary can be overwhelming during the First Change under the gibbous moon. The new Cahalith perceives scents, sounds, textures and various other stimuli that prove too much and make one lose control. In other cases, the Cahalith is partly hallucinating and partly receiving omens of the spirit world. The visionary is driven to long and loud howls to express her fear and bewilderment.

Werewolf: The Forsaken auspices

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