Caerns: Places of Power is a sourcebook for Werewolf: The Apocalypse that details fourteen caerns: one for each of the thirteen tribes of the Garou Nation, plus a twisted hive of the Black Spiral Dancers. Caerns: Places of Power also introduces the Kitsune: the werefoxes of Japan.


From the White Wolf catalog:

Land of Longing
The world is the flesh of Gaia, the Earth Mother. She is sacred to the Garou. Across Her surface are sites where Her power is strong, where the Garou can still connect with the spirit world. In woods, in valleys and on mountains, these sites can still be found. They are the caerns, the ancient places of power.
Land of Death
As humanity spreads out across the once virgin earth, the caerns die out, unable to withstand the onslaught of mankind's destruction. Gaia's flesh is torn away. There is still hope, however. Even in the cities, the sacred sites can still be found, kept alive by the Garou. How long will the caerns survive? The Wyrm slithers ever onward, destroying everything in its wake...
Caerns: Places of Power is a Werewolf sourcebook detailing Garou sacred sites all over the world. It includes:


Legends of the Garou: Fragments of a WholeEdit

The legend of the metis Ahnai, of her betrayal and her sacrifice.


Expanded information on moon bridges.

Black Furies: GreeceEdit

The Black Furies' Sept of Bygone Visions, located on an island off of Greece.

Bone Gnawers: Washington D.C.Edit

The Bone Gnawers' Sept of the Awakening, located on Hains Point in East Potomac Park in Washington, D.C.

Children of Gaia: San FranciscoEdit

The Sept of the Western Eye, maintained by the Children of Gaia in Muir Woods National Monument near San Francisco, California.

Fianna: IrelandEdit

The Fianna Sept of the Tri-Spiral, located in Brugh Na Boinne near Leinster, Ireland.

Get of Fenris: GermanyEdit

The Get of Fenris's Sept of the Blood Fist in the Schwarzwald — the Black Forest of Germany.

Glass Walkers: Hong KongEdit

The Glass Walkers' Sept of the Council for Universal Trade in Hong Kong.

Red Talons: AlaskaEdit

The Red Talons' Sept of the Weeping Daughter, located in the Wrangell Mountains of Alaska.

Shadow Lords: JapanEdit

The Sept of Ichijyo Modoribashi, maintained by Hakken Shadow Lords and their Kitsune allies, located at the Ichijyo Modoribashi Bridge in Kyoto, Japan.

Silent Striders: CasablancaEdit

The Silent Striders' Sept of the Wheel of Ptah in Casablanca, Morocco.

Silver Fangs: RussiaEdit

The Silver Fangs' Sept of the Crescent Moon, located deep in the central Ural Mountains of Russia.

Stargazers: TibetEdit

The Stargazers' Sept of the Snow Leopard, located at Shingalu Monastery in the Himalayas of Tibet.

Uktena: AustraliaEdit

The Uktena Sept of the Waking Dream at the Katajuta rock formation (also known by its English name, the Olgas) in the Australian Outback.

Wendigo: ArizonaEdit

The Wendigo Sept of the Painted Sands in the Navajo tribal reservation in Arizona.

Black Spiral Dancers: Beneath the EarthEdit

The Black Spiral Dancers' Trinity Hive, located in the deep gut of "Grandmother Thunderwyrm", who is nestled underground near Alamagordo, New Mexico.

Appendix: The Kitsune (Werefox)Edit

Information on the Kitsune shapeshifters, including their breeds, Paths (Auspices), and Jyu-ho (Gifts).

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