Cachexy is the unique Discipline of the Morbus bloodline of Kindred. Extending their connection to disease, Cachexy allows them to spread disease selective, inflict symptoms upon victims or exacerbate the afflictions of those already suffering from a disease. Given the Morbus need to drink the blood of diseased mortals, it is very important among them; indeed, a Kindred is not considered a "proper" member of the bloodline until they achieve some knowledge of the Discipline.

Most Cachexy powers only work on mortals, since supernatural creatures are often resistant to disease.

Powers Edit

  • Menu hover bulletMenu bulletMenu bulletMenu bulletMenu bullet Diagnose - enables a Morbus to sense the taint of infected blood in humans.
  • Cost: None

Dice Pool: Intelligence + Medicine + Cachexy Action: Instant.

  • Menu hover bulletMenu hover bulletMenu bulletMenu bulletMenu bullet Contaminate - infects a small object or area with a supernaturally resilient form of a disease carried by the Morbus, making contamination highly likely for any mortal who comes into contact with it.
  • Cost: 1 Vitae

Dice Pool: No roll is required to activate this power. The disease remains hardy and viable from the time it is applied to the object or area until the sun rises the next morning, or until someone touches it and is infected. While the disease remains in waiting on the object, it cannot be washed away or sterilized by any normal means except fire, but neither can it be spread through the air. After the sun comes up, it dissipates completely as if it were never there. Once contact or ingestion transmits the disease, a reflexive Stamina roll is made for the victim. If it fails, the disease takes hold and thrives, affecting the character as per the normal rules for diseases. (Kindred victims become carriers only.) Should the roll succeed, the victim eradicates the disease from his system. If an exceptional success is rolled, the subject is immune to further mystical attempts to inflict the same disease. Victims who are affected can transmit the disease normally. Action: Instant

  • Menu hover bulletMenu hover bulletMenu hover bulletMenu bulletMenu bullet Inflame - intensifies the symptoms of a disease carried by the target, causing weakness through headache, muscle pain, nausea or the like.
  • Cost: 1 Vitae

Dice Pool: Wits + Survival + Cachexy – subject’s Stamina Action: Instant

  • Menu hover bulletMenu hover bulletMenu hover bulletMenu hover bulletMenu bullet Plague-Bearer - the Morbus infects multiple mortals with a disease he carries without needing to touch them. It may also infect Kindred.
  • Cost: 1 Vitae per turn

Dice Pool: Intelligence + Medicine + Cachexy Action: Instant (That is, initial use is instant, but the effect can be multiplied over several turns as long as the player is willing to keep spending Vitae.)

  • Menu hover bulletMenu hover bulletMenu hover bulletMenu hover bulletMenu hover bullet Accelerate Disease - greatly intensifies the effects of a disease, seriously injuring or even killing the victim.
  • Cost: 1 Willpower

Dice Pool: Wits + Survival + Cachexy – subject’s Stamina Action: Instant

References Edit

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