Cable Car 99 is Treasure of the Kithain in San Francisco.


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Number 99 is perhaps the result of hundreds of people wishing for, dreaming about, and wanting to see cablecars in San Francisco. In actuality, Number 99 is currently a hot dog stand converted from an old streetcar. It isn't supposed to move, but when the time is right (usually when no human is around), Number 99 silently glides the streets again on a chimeric cable. Unlike other cablecars, Number 99 isn't restricted by its track or cable, although it usually takes backstreets and side alleys and even then only late at night or early in the morning. Since it is painted gaily and adorned with hundreds of found items, many people think it is some kind of roving art piece or motorized cablecar meant to simulate a real one. For this reason, it can travel in plain sight of humans, as long as it starts moving outside of human sight.

A favorite thing for childlings to do in the city is to try and get the boggan grump Petra to give them free hotdogs and "make the car go!" She has gotten so many requests for free hotdogs that she has instituted a complex point-based system for childlings who bring her interesting items to use in her found-art pieces. Toll for riding the streetcar is also an interesting piece of junk.


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