Byzamedas is a legendary Nocker and inventor of the Basilisk Stone.

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In the early days of the kith, the swearing of a nocker was much more potent. A slip of a hammer onto a craftsfae's thumb and the profanity that came out would destroy the work on the spot. So they took to not cursing around their work, instead bottling it up until they couldn't hold it anymore an then running outside to let it fly and kill whatever passing animal was there or to peel the paint from off neighboring houses.

Byzamedas was the wisest of the nockers and devised a plan. He traveled to Kayver Cliff and labored in secret for a whole year and when he finished, he called all of his fellow nockers to behold his labor: The Basilisk Stone; a huge, ivory-hued, egg-smooth wonder. He told them to hurl all their curses and darkness at the stone and it would absorb them so work and neighbors would be hurt no more.

All the nockers then spoke an Oath to voice their spite to the Stone. They returned to their work and, holding in the worst of their spleen, they made pilgrimages to Kayver Cliff and the Basilisk Stone when they needed to do so.

The Basilisk Stone prevailed until Blistertongue Jill broke it (but that's another story) and with the breaking of the Stone, Byzamedas declared he wold not build a new one and that Nockers should just vent their bile as they needed; "So speak your own damn minds as quick as the urge takes you! Perfection for a few years isn't perfection at all if it's bought at the expense of our natures. If your work turns out sullied because you keep cursing, don't stop. Who else is going to get it right? It may take a hundred Springtimes, but we'll hold something flawless in our hands yet!"

References Edit

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