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Buttery Wholesomeness (also known as Buttery HōLsomeness and Butt HōL) is the lone supplement to HoL: Human Occupied Landfill by Dirt Merchant Games. Like the HoL Rulebook, it was released by Black Dog Game Factory. Continuing on the ideas in HoL, Buttery Wholesomeness adds character creation, weapons, and other mechanics, as well as the inclusion of a free role-playing game, Freebase.


Like the original HoL rulebook, Buttery Wholesomeness is divided into two main portions:

Character Creation or Hey! They Got Dinky in This!

At the request of fans of the original HoL, rules for creating original characters now exist. This includes the addition of Totems and Pudding, as well as a Birthworld Chart, the Chart Chart, and charts for traits such as "Clown College", "Generally Bad Choices", "Galactic Shopping Network", and "Loinage". Most of this stuff is determined based on the random rolls of d6s, so the idea of "creation" is a bit limited. But that's okay, as most of the charts are beyond comprehension anyway.

This is followed by even more example characters, should your brain explode upon reading all the charts and you need a premade character anyway. Then there are some new skills and how to make a sidekick. The skills are interrupted by:


A bonus RPG included in the book about dealing crack. Which, if you think about it, explains a lot.

Weapons and Armor

Typical HoL weapons, such as the "Kitty Kitty Bang Bang" and the "Swansong Instant Mine Field", as well as notes on armor, equipment, and cults.

Background Information

Black Dog's version is one of two versions of Buttery Wholesomeness. Black Dog's was published in 1995 along with the reprint of the original book, and has since gone out of print. The Cabil reprinted it in February 2003 as a follow-up to HoL, and it is still available. The Cabil version includes Freebase.

Like HoL, the entire book (save Freebase) is handwritten.

Memorable Quotes

"Almond Joy:

1-3: Feel like a nut (+3 nut)
4-6: Don't."

--One of Buttery Wholesomeness' many charts



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