Butterfly is a Totem, or Jamak, of the Fera.

Overview Edit

The many forms of Butterfly recall the metamorphosis at the heart of creation. Unlike many other creatures or spirits, Butterfly is always changing; forever bursting into new shapes, colors, and sizes. A special favorite of the Balam, Bagheera, and Qualmi, this Jamak values the peaceful heart full of wonder at the eternal dance.

Favors & Ban Edit

  • Background Cost: 1

Favors Edit

Butterfly grants its ally with the Gift: Monkey's Uncle, and adds +2 to a Fera's frenzy roll difficulty. Although it shifts across the color spectrum, Butterfly is without anger or despair and so stands as a symbol of hope and renewal.

Ban Edit

Allies of Butterfly cannot attack a foe in anger, only for defense.

References Edit

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