Buries-the-Dead, from Rage Across Egypt.

Buries-the-Dead is a rank 4 homid Ahroun Silent Strider.


She was born in Cairo in 1963, and killed three vampires during her First Change, as well as several humans who were under the influence of the vampires. The Silent Striders located her and smuggled her out of Egypt to the United States, where she formed a pack and killed vampires in New York, Detroit, and Miami before returning to Africa.

She has been concentrating her current effort in Egypt, roaming the country side over the past several years and killing vampires as she goes. She is knowledgeable in vampire lore. She has a Klaive of Purity, which makes the bearer immune to mind control and soul-crushing powers when it is activated provided that the bearer doesn't break the Litany. It also prevents the bearer from being Embraced. If an Embrace is attempted the owner dies painlessly and the klaive shatters into bright sunlight.

She is five feet tall, is muscular, and has short black hair. She always carries a cane or a walking stick, which she may use the gift of Reshape Object on to turn into to stake when needed. She wears the veil when in Egypt to deflect suspicion and to cover her scarred neck. She smiles often and maintains a good attitude, despite the fact that she believes is doomed to die in an attempted Embrace. [1]


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