The Nosferatu bloodline that has become known as the Burakumin originated in feudal Japan within the social stratum of the same name. Beneath the samurai and the soldiers and the priests and even peasant farmers were those mortals whose professions were considered spiritually unclean by the tenets of the Shinto and Buddhist religions.

Kindred Princes of the eastern domains, Japanese Nosferatu were restricted from feeding on or Embracing from anyone outside that same class of mortals. In time, all of Japan's Nosferatu were referred to as Burakumin, or "Hamlet people", and the name and stratification spread throughout much of Eastern Asia as Burakumin Nosferatu expanded their influences under the cover of various Japanese Imperialistic advances.


In the far east where it originated, this bloodline has traditionally been forced to remain unaligned. Most remnants of the Circle of the Crone covenant were wiped out long ago in favor of Shinto or Buddhist belief structures. In the west, Princes have lured these mysterious Kindred in an effort to appease them. Yet the covenant that has the most impact on Kindred of this bloodline is the Carthian Movement.

Appearance Edit

All Burakumin tend to exude the same disturbing, unclean, inhuman presence, which grows more obvious as their age and blood potency increases.

Haven Edit

Eastern Burakumin have traditionally been restricted to communal havens in isolated hamlets populated by those mortals who are considered "unclean" by the tenets of Shinto and Buddhism. Young and more urbanized ones dwell in and beneath large cities, yet well away from Kindred of higher station. Westward looking Burakumin often wind up competing with local Nosferatu for havens, but as they grow successful, their new homes come to rival those of the Daeva and Ventrue.

Background Edit

Elder eastern Burakumin mostly select progeny from among the societal class of the unclean, from which they themselves were chosen. More cynical, bitter ones choose from among the beautiful, noble, powerful or traditionally pious in order to spite those who consider themselves to be pure.

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