Burak is a Disparate Assamite who lives on an aircraft carrier.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Burak was a Sufi Muslim, who was given the Embrace for his fierce asceticism and devotion to his ideals during the time when the Turks invaded Constantinople. Unfortunately for his sire, Burak did not make a good assassin, instead relying on avoiding conflict whenever possible. After three-quarters of a century, Burak tried to escape from his sire and entered torpor.

His sire, believing that his wayward childe had found Final Death, let the affair stay and moved on with his unlife. Burak remained in torpor until the 1880s. When he first awoke, he needed an entire decade to adjust to the new Industrial Age. He escaped Turkey on board of a passenger liner, becoming a nomadic sailor, who worked for his passages during the nighttime. Other Kindred were content to let him stay briefly in their domains, before he traveled again, believing him to be one of the usual assassins.

During his travels, Burak came to two conclusions: Kindred were ultimately drawn into a downward spiral and to involve himself with their Jyhad would only weaken one's convictions and ideals; and that the End Times drew nearer every night, based on the advents of mortal history like atomic warfare, pollution, and the general faithlessness of the Masses. Because of this, Burak chose that he would distance himself as far as he could from both mortals and Kindred.

He joined the Carl Vinson, an US military ship, intrigued by the discipline of the inhabitants. Despite the strain on him, he manages to remain on the ship, utilizing Obfuscate at night to feed from the sleeping.

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