A Bunk is a price to be paid or an action done to effect a Cantrip among the Fae.

Overview: The Nature of the Bunk Edit

There was a time when Glamour could be plucked out of thin air; when the fae were infused with it and had no need for such gentle coaxing. That was the Mythic Age, but that time is no more. Now in order to summon forth the Glamour required to weave a cantrip, changelings must enact strange rituals and actions which have come to be known as Bunks.

Still, the Bunk is far more than a silly requirement for casting a cantrip; it is the means by which a changeling can actually touch the Dreaming within themself, allowing them to draw upon a little bit of Glamour. Nobody, not even the fae, really understand Glamour. It seems to come more readily to some than others, and it is never the same from one moment to the next. And yet over the ages, the fae have learned how to use it to create varied and wondrous effects in order to overcome the banal world.

Advanced Rules for Bunks Edit

The original system for Bunks required that the player draw a random card each time they attempted to cast a cantrip. While this system was reflective of the unpredictable nature of the requirements of Glamour, it was still somewhat restrictive in that the player was limited by a certain number of cards. Inevitably the same card will be drawn for a similar situation. This limitation goes against the very nature of what Bunks are supposed to represent. Additionally, while some Bunks may be appropriate for a given cantrip, others are wildly inappropriate. While some might say that this is simply just another representation of Glamour's caprice, Bunks that seem appropriate to the cantrip being cast add flavor to the story rather than distract from it.

The new system is an attempt to offer a more improvisational method of performing Bunks, which allows players to create their own Bunks on the fly — with a little bit of guidance, of course. This system completely eliminates the use of cards when casting cantrips, requiring the use of dice instead. Those players who have become accustomed to using cards may wish to use a variant of the system provided.

Choosing a Bunk Edit

Whenever a character decides that they are going to cast a cantrip, they must first successfully perform a Bunk in order to call forth the Glamour required for the casting. Theoretically a Bunk can be anything from whistling a tune, to reciting a Shakespearean quotation backwards, to jumping in the air three times while holding your nose.

This system provides guidelines that allow players to create their own Bunks on the spur of the moment, rather than randomly drawing them from a deck of cards. Essentially the Art determines the general nature of the act which must be performed (Chicanery often involves a verbal Bunk of some sort, while Legerdemain usually demands a physical gesture), while the Realm dictates an object or person which must be involved in the Bunk. The more extensive and involved the Bunk is, the lower the difficulty for casting the cantrip.

When creating a Bunk, a player must observe the following steps:

  1. Determine what is required for the Bunk, whether it must be a verbal phrase, a physical action, etc., by consulting the appropriate Art on the charts below.
  2. Decide how complex the Bunk will be. The level of complexity determines how much the player may lower their base difficulty. The minimum for complexity is one, the maximum is five. One can find guidelines for the complexity of Bunks in the charts below. Additionally, many of the Bunks provided in the Changeling rulebook and the Changeling Players Kit may provide inspiration for Bunks. The Storyteller is the ultimate arbiter in deciding the level of a given Bunk. Storytellers should reward ingenious and creative players by giving them the benefit of the doubt when it comes to deciding the level of a Bunk.
  3. Finally, the player must perform the Bunk. While it is suggested that players roleplay their Bunks if they are of a verbal nature, it is recommended that most physical actions merely be described. If for some reason the character is interrupted during the performance of the Bunk and is unable to complete it, the cantrip fails.

Arts & Their Bunks Edit

Chicanery Edit

Chicanery requires a that a verbal Bunk of some sort be performed. This can be as simple as making up a new word to the reciting of a sonnet. Many Chicanery Bunks take the form of poems or silly phrases, though songs also perform adequately, of course, all must feature the Realm of the cantrip in some way. In the end it should be the character's personality that the determines the exact nature of the Bunk.


Requirement Examples
-1 A single word
  • Say a word backwards 3 times
  • Swear loudly
  • Make a strange soundrelated to the Realm
-2 A short phrase
  • Tell a clever lie
  • Insult the subject
  • Shout your true feelings
-3 At least a full


  • Sing part of a song
  • Start a quote from a film or novel
  • Offer a toast to the subject
-4 A paragraph or

short poem

  • Recite a full poem
  • Make up a new curse in a foreign language
  • Try to start an argument between two people
-5 Several paragraphs

or a complete poem

  • Narrate your every action before doing it
  • Recite part of an epic poem
  • Tell a scary story involving the subject

Chronos Edit

A bunk for Chronos must in some way involve time or representations of time. The requirements for these Bunks are dictated by how much time must be taken to enact the Bunk rather than by a specific action.



-1 1 second
-2 10 seconds
-3 1 minute
-4 10 minutes
-5 1 hour

Dream-Craft Edit

The Bunks for Dream-Craft generally involve the creation of a model of the subject of the cantrip. This could be anything from making a quick sketch to creating a sculpture from clay or sand.

Dream Craft


Requirement Examples
-1 Vague outline,

no details

  • Draw a stick figure
  • Make a figure out of mud.
  • Make a figure out of sticks.
-2 Some details,

some accurate

  • Make a voodoo doll.
  • Wear a costume to represent the subject.
  • Make a model from glass.
-3 Clear image;

Identifiable subject

  • Draw a portrait.
  • Make a sculpture from clay.
  • Make a wood carving.
-4 Detailed representation;

Details should be accurate

  • Full color painting.
  • Create an ice sculpture.
  • Make a carving in crystal.
-5 Finely detailed re-creation;

All details accurate

  • Create a masterpiece painting.
  • Make a detailed model of your subject.

Legerdemain Edit

Legerdemain Bunks require that the changeling perform some action or movement; generally silly or superfluous.


Requirement Examples
-1 Subtle physical motion
  • Curtsy or bow.
  • Pull your earlobe three times.
  • Cross your eyes.
-2 Noticeable action
  • Drink a soda without stopping.
  • Leap as high as possible & touch the ceiling or a branch.
  • Give a moose salute.
-3 Blatant action
  • Assume a full lotus position.
  • Roll on the ground and giggle.
  • Raise arms to the sky and shout.
-4 Complex physical action

(requiring a full turn)

  • Write a short poem in calligraphy.
  • Perform a magic trick.
  • Stand on your head.
-5 Complex physical action

(requiring more than a

full turn)

  • Make an origami figure of the subject
  • Juggle three items then add a fourth without dropping.
  • Catch a fly with chop sticks.

Naming Edit

Naming Bunks usually include runes or symbolic images and actions.


Requirement Examples
-1 Laundry List
  • Tear up a list you used in the last 24 hours
-2 Spin-off
  • Spin a coin on a surface
-3 Magic Fingers
  • Paint your fingertips a symbolic color & do not remove for 12 hours
-4 Ritual Garb
  • Where a specially prepared white robe inscribed with golden runes
-5 Glitter-rune
  • Smash a precious gem and use the pieces to make a runic symbol

Primal Edit

Primal Bunks require the attainment and use of a natural element. For higher level Bunks, the natural object must be crafted in some manner.


Requirement Examples
-1 Common element
  • Listen to a seashell.
  • Shower subject with flower petals.
  • Imitate a bird call.
-2 Uncommon element
  • Sprinkle subject with fresh spring water.
  • Eat a cake made with many spices.
  • Lick a jewel and press it to your target.
-3 Rare element
  • Shower target in four-leafed-clovers.
  • Burn mushrooms.
  • Pour curdled milk into a bowl.
-4 Crafted

uncommon element

  • Strike subject with a whip with a holly bough crafted at the end.
  • Cut your wrist with a fingernail; drip the blood on subject.
  • Break a solid oak branch with your bare hands.
-5 Crafted

rare element

  • Massage someone with scented oils.
  • Bite the head off a small animal.
  • Tightly grasp a rod covered in thorns.

Pyretics Edit

Fire is almost always part of a Pyretics bunk.


Requirement Examples
-1 Flick Your Bic
  • Light a lighter
  • Light a match
-2 Burn Baby Burn
  • Perform an anachronistic dance such as leaping through a bonfire
  • Burn a small object
-3 Dragon Breath
  • Spit out a swig of alcohol and light it on fire
  • Burn a larger object
-4 Insurance Nightmare
  • Burn a valuable object
  • Burn a large object
-5 Guy Fawkes
  • Sculpt a candle replica of your target and burn it down to a stub

Soothsay Edit

Soothsay Bunks require the use of divination items or at higher levels the actual performance of divination.


Requirement Examples
-1 Minor divination


  • Carefully tear a four-leafed clover into four separate pieces.
  • Gaze into a quartz crystal.
  • Roll a pair of dice.
-2 Major divination


  • Hold a lock of your subject's hair.
  • Shuffle a deck of Tarot cards.
  • Rattle a bag of runes.
-3 Perform a simple


  • Scatter runes on the ground and read them.
  • Stare into the shards of a broken mirror.
  • Lay out a 10-card Tarot spread.
-4 Perform a complex


  • Perform an I Ching reading.
  • Burn a bag filled with chicken bones, beads, and beans.
  • Sprinkle blood onto the sand and read the pattern.
-5 Perform an extended


  • Perform a crystal divination.
  • Chew the wax of a candle burned for seven days.
  • Create a voodoo doll of your subject.

Sovereign Edit

Sovereign Bunks require that one conducts themself in the manner of royalty or adorns themself in royal garments.


Requirement Examples
-1 Simple word or


  • Speak with an affected accent.
  • Put on a pair of spotless white gloves.
  • Salute the subject.
-2 Make a commanding


  • Break a glass of wine on the ground.
  • Issue an order.
  • Gesture with an ornate rod in hand
-3 Adorn a garment
  • Touch a jeweled necklace crafted by a friend.
  • Apply intricate make-up to your face.
  • Draw a rune on the ground.
-4 Issue a proclamation
  • Stand on a chair & recite Shakespeare.
  • Sweep someone off their feet for a long, passionate kiss.
  • Tell a story with a moral.
-5 Make an oath or vow
  • Henceforth call subject by a new name.
  • Swear loyalty to your subject.
  • Make an oath to kill your subject.

Wayfare Edit

Wayfare Bunks require that the changeling physically move their body in some manner; anything from a simple jump to leaping and spinning in the air and landing on their head. Higher levels require a prop of some sort.


Requirement Examples
-1 Simple, quick movement
  • Jump in the air.
  • Point at the place you want to be.
  • Stare up at the sky.
-2 Movement with multiple actions.

Simple movement with prop

  • Eat three glazed doughnuts at the same time.
  • Flap your arms like a giant bird.
  • Eat a butterfly.
-3 Action changes current location
  • Pass through a door
  • Jump out a window
  • Jump over a hedge or fence
-4 Action involving great physical


  • Jump off a three-story building.
  • Trace a route on a map in blood.
  • Make a pile of sand in your hand & blow it off.
-5 Action involves a prop
  • Thrust a blade into the floor.
  • Watch the shadow of a fixed object shift location.
  • Draw a face on an egg and then break the egg.

Nunnehi Bunks Edit

Most Nunnehi bunks are drawn from tribal customs, although some are more general. A Song of Power of various lengths is always appropriate.

Nunnehi Chicanery Edit

As with the Kithain, Nunnehi Chicanery bunks are based in communication.



Requirement Examples
-1 Symbos
  • Fashion an elaborate knot out of rope or twine
  • Cut a notch in a feather and paint it
-2 Simple


  • Intone a tribal chant
  • String together colored beads into a bracelet and twist it to enact the song
-3 Campfire


  • Wear a mask made of feathers or another natural substance
  • Touch subject with a piece of food made from corn
-4 Long Story
  • Sing a song describing your intentions
-5 Ceremony
  • Make up a story and tell it
  • Perform a dance directed to your subject

Nunnehi Legerdemain Edit

Gesture and touch are the foundation of Legerdemain for the Nunnehi as well


Requirement Examples
-1 Touch or


  • Get the better of someone verbally
  • Counting Coup: touch someone unawares
  • Sign or mimic your intentions
-2 Simple Craft
  • Weave together several strands of reeds, grasses, or string
-3 Special Craft
  • Shape a doll from corn husks, straw, or grasses
-4 Performance
  • Perform the steps of a hoop dance
-5 Ceremony
  • Inhale the fumes from a smudge pot

Nunnehi Primal Edit

Nunnehi Primal bunks are almost the same, just more attached to a Nunnehi's culture.


Requirement Examples
-1 Nature's kin
  • Mimic the call of a bird or animal
  • Mimic the actions of a living creature
-2 Weal
  • Shake a medicine rattle
  • Create a mini sweat lodge out of sticks
-3 Woe
  • Point an arrow at your foe and break it
  • Perform the steps of a war dance
-4 Prepare

for war

  • Carve an arrowhead from flint or wood and prick your finger on the tip
  • Shout a war cry at the top of your lungs
-5 Ceremony
  • Fashion a totem figure from wood
  • Bathe in clear water from a natural source

Nunnehi Soothsay Edit

Traditional foretelling tools or luck items are all part of Nunnehi Soothsay bunks


Requirement Examples
-1 Symbol
  • Give the subject a feather from a "lucky bird"
-2 Intimidate
  • Insult your subject outrageously
  • Throw a tomahawk towards your foe (You need not try to hit them)
-3 Minor


  • Cup your hand around your ear and listen to the wind
-4 Major


  • Dribble colored sand onto the ground and read the patterns
-5 Ordeal
  • Perform a test of your physical mettle
  • Participate in the Sun Dance

Nunnehi Sovereign Edit

Native shows of power and ritual are used by the Nunnehi for their Arts of rulership.


Requirement Examples
-1 Ritual Object
  • Blow smoke from a peace pipe towards the subject
-2 Prowess
  • Boast about your strongest talent
-3 Ritual Act
  • Recite your lineage as completely as possible
  • Perform the steps of the Eagle Dance
-4 Invocation
  • Formally address the spirits of the unseen world and ask their blessing on your endeavor
-5 Potlatch
  • Offer your target something of true value
  • Bury a sacred item near your subject

Spirit Link Edit

Spirit Link bunks tend to incorporate object of spiritual significance to the nunnehi's personal tribe of origin or that of their Family.
Spirit Link


Requirement Examples
-1 Whistle Song
  • Blow through a whistle made from a bird bone
  • Beat a drum
-2 Pottery Craft
  • Fashion a statuette that resembles the spirit out of colored clay
  • Display the spirit's material or spiritual correspondence
-3 Offering
  • Burn something of personal value
  • Burn tobacco or sage
-4 Medicine Bag
  • Remove a random object from your medicine bag and destroy it completely or throw it away
-5 Rattle the Bones
  • Cut fifty small plugs of flesh from your arms and legs, let them dry, and place them inside a rattle with several small animal bones. Shake the rattle to enact the song of power.
  • Perform the Sun Dance

Nunnehi Wayfare Edit

Again, cultural norms prevail in these bunks.


Requirement Examples
-1 Paint the Face
  • Ritually decorate your face with paint
-2 Distant act
  • Shoot an arrow in the direction of your intended target
  • Beat a small skin drum
-3 Artistry
  • Arrange several hand-painted stones in a row near your target
  • Paint the scene envisioned on rawhide with natural dyes and feathers
-4 Wings of the


  • Hold three eagle feathers in each hand
-5 Ceremony
  • Perform the steps of an intricate tribal dance

Menehune Bunks Edit

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