The Bullring is the most famous Eshu Ile-Igbo, or Freehold, outside of their homelands of the Middle East and Africa.

Overview Edit

The Bullring is found in Barcelona, Spain and whether it got its name from the acts of daring that the guests have performed there or the amount of truth behind the stories they share is a matter of opinion. Either way it's a nice place: a stylish, modern compound to mortal eyes and a grand old castle in the Moorish style to chimerical ones.

One of the few Elegbara nobles of Europe holds court here; a scion of the Orzaiz family, and on any given night you can find him mingling with guests or telling stories around the fire. His family is old and well connected and he'll do his best to hide or help a fellow Elegbara in trouble. Just mind your manners and pay him back if you can. He's done a lot to keep the Eshu safe and active in the Sidhe-Loyalist environment of Europa and has earned a lot of respect for it.

References Edit

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