The Brothers Grimm are creatures of unknown origins who reside in Berlin.


These creatures appeared in Berlin at the 1860's, around the time of death of the real Brothers Grimm. They have been seen in both East and West Berlin up until the fall of Berlin's wall, and started to captivate the curiosity of the city's Kindred. No one can say what these creatures are as well as no one can agree on what they even look like.

The most common rumor is that they are faerie who have decided to impersonate the famous storytellers as a way of showing their appreciation for the legends that the Grimm Brothers kept alive. Others claim that they are mages, watching and secretly plotting against the vampiric population of Berlin. Still others claim that the shape-changing figures are actually the ghosts of the deceased storytellers themselves, observing the undead and writing new tales to be told at another time or another audience.

Whatever the case, the Brothers have been in the city for a long time, watching, occasionally talking with mortal and immortal alike, and simply disappearing whenever anyone gets close enough to touch them.


  • For more information on the real homonymous historical characters check: Brothers Grimm



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