The Brotherhood of Thor is a benevolent order of Trolls that is becoming more and more political.

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The existence of this widespread troll motley is a perpetual thorn in the side of the sidhe nobility, for it fills them with ideas of a separate court of nobles comprised solely of trolls. This is actually far from the truth, though the Brotherhood is growing more closely into what its enemies fear most as a result of their persecution. Originally, this was a society of trolls, both Seelie and Unseelie, who took their distinct views upon and reactions to their strength quite seriously. In short, it was nothing more than a benevolent society with the very essence of trolldom as its basis. Members were to offer aid to others, when possible, and all were identified by the hammer pendant. With the abandonment of the sidhe nobles in the Shattering, the Brotherhood (which includes females as well, who are beginning to chafe at the sexist title) was one of the few organizations wide-spread enough to even begin filling the gap. This is the source of the sidhe apprehension, though, as members are quick to point out, it would not have been necessary had the nobles remained true to their responsibilities. Since the peace of High King David and the institution of his fledgling meritocracy, however, the Brotherhood has been gaining political power, a fact not lost on its detractors. The Brotherhood counts many powerful trolls among its members, the most important being Duke Topaz. Unsurprisingly, the Kingdom of the Feathered Snake has the highest concentration of members of all kingdoms. Secretly, many sidhe nobles hope the Brotherhood and Nunnehi will destroy each other.

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