The Brooch of the True Suitor is a Level 1 Treasure of the Trolls.

Overview Edit

These are simple metal brooches that draw no attention to themselves save for the simplicity and quality of their craftsmanship. To those who know their powers, however, they are invaluable aids in the pursuit of true love. Should a true suitor wear one while confronting the object of their affection, the difficulty of all Social rolls will be reduced by 2, and they will seem more relaxed and at ease than they might otherwise. This is a temporary effect, however, for true love in anathema to deception. The duration is for one scene, and will only continue to work so long as the beloved has even the faintest glimmers of interest in the suitor. Should the suitor be false, though, the object of their affections will find the wearer repugnant and seek to leave their company as quickly as possible.

References Edit

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