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The Bron are a bloodline of the Ventrue Clan of vampires tied to the questing aspects of the legendary Holy Grail.



As a Ventrue bloodline, all Bron are more prone to paranoid delusions and other derangements. The Bron suffer a –2 penalty on Humanity rolls to avoid gaining derangements after a failed degeneration roll.

Also, whenever the Bron attempts any Physical or Social action within the bounds of his own domain that involves the domain or its mortal inhabitants in a significant fashion, the 10 again rule does not apply to his roll. In addition, any 1’s that come up on the roll are subtracted from the successes achieved. Examples include feeding, canvassing a neighborhood for information or climbing a wall in an alley. This weakness does not affect combat taking place within the Bron’s domain or the Fisher King’s interactions with other vampires or supernatural creatures. Naturally, this weakness also affects certain Merits, such as Allies, Contacts, Herd, Retainers and possibly even Haven (primarily Location, but potentially Security), though these are not the only Merits subject to the Bron weakness.



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