Broken Mirrors are places where the boundaries between the Material World and Yomi Wan have been loosened by massive amounts of mortal suffering, Tainted Chi and desolate spirits.


Broken Mirrors form, when suffering and hopelessness among the mortal population rise to such strengths that the local chi is corrupted. The resulting poisoning turns spirits and wraiths alike against the Wall, when they try to cross into the material world to destroy the source of their pain. These attacks on the Wall allow energies from a correspondending Hell to seep into reality. The local spirit worlds are assimilated into the respective Hell and the Wall begins to turn porous due the stress placed upon it, allowing demons and other servitors of the Yama Kings to cross easier into this world. By now, Broken Mirrors are isolated incidents, although more and more are beginning to appear. Some Kuei-jin Ancestors see this as a sign of the impending Sixth Age. Tainted feng shui can amplify the forming of a Broken Mirror. Most Broken Mirrors in the Fifth Age are linked to the Wicked City and the Hell of Burrowing Maggots.

Mortal excesses and vices are amplified in the presence of a Broken Mirror and many of these places turn into literal hellholes. Bakemono and other servants of the Yama Kings are strengthened in the presence of a Broken Mirror, while Kuei-jin are affected by the tainted Chi. Gaining normal chi is near impossible within a Broken Mirror and all disciplines that affect the natural flow of chi are warped and weakened, while Demon Arts are strengthened.


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