The Brides of Dracula are a small Covenant dedicated to Count "Motherfucking" Dracula, an extremely powerful Gangrel.

The Brides are nomadic, usually traveling per motorcycle. Originally a small motorcycle gang that terrorized the Arizona Highway, they made the mistake of crossing Count Dracula in 1995. They tell that the vampire slaughtered their leader, embraced him and that they all were turned afterward.


The Brides are known for their violent and, usually, short unlives. Even mortal authorities have learned of them, although few suspect that they are anything more than an  especially exotic motorcycle gang. The DEA itself has twice tried, unsuccessfully, to infiltrate the gang. The larger biker world is also aware of the Brides as a growing influence.

The Brides have opted for an unlife outside the system. There’s no thought to obeying Kindred laws, paying respects to the Prince, or keeping up a Masquerade, let alone obeying speed limits and paying taxes. Every Bride believes that he’s entitled to whatever he can get his hands on. His authority is inherent, and expressed through his actions. Robbery and extortion are barely even crimes. If the victim couldn’t hold on to it, it was never really his to begin with.

While originally an American phenomenon, in recent years, chapters have been founded in other lands. Germany holds nearly as many chapters as the United States. While the American Brides are usually known for their violent hedonism, the European Brides direct more of their energy to challenging the established power-bases of the other covenants.


Like a mortal motorcycle club, the Brides are divided into local chapters. These local chapters answer to a mother chapter, which is often lead by one of the original Brides of Dracula. Unlike other chapters the mother chapter claims no territory of its own and rides exclusively under the Nomad flag. This protects the mother chapter from its enemies, vampire and legal, and has the entertaining value of keeping everyone else just a little more paranoid.

Mother chapters have the authority to call for war, uniting all local chapters under their rule for a specific purpose. Each local chapter dues to the mother chapter. The dues can be in whatever form the mother chapter requests, ranging from blood, bodies, and drugs.


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