The Brethren of the Hundred Faces are a minor Covenant in Vampire: The Requiem, first detailed in Danse Macabre.

The fundamental belief of the Brethren of a Hundred Faces is that they have no soul. For them, the absolute pinnacle of Kindred accomplishment is to be well fed, safe, and to hurt as few people as possible. Everyone who believes in a higher purpose is willfully deluding themselves. The philosophy of the Brethren is one of broad materialism and enlightened self-interest to protect their own hides.


The Brethren undergo a special ritual named the Aligning, that splits their personality to better withstand the hunger of the Beast. The original personality is named the Captain and its strength is connected to the remaining Humanity of the vampire. The second personality is named the Pilot, and it is a facsimilie of the beliefs and behaviours of one the Elders that head the Covenant. The Pilot gains strength when Humanity fails and once it drops to zero, he can overtake the body of the vampire. He also serves a double resistance against the Beast, as he wants to preserve the body for himself. This means that Frenzying becomes much more difficult and that the vampire has a greater chance to stave off his Beast.


The Covenant is led by the "Consciences", about a hundred Elders that serve as the source of the "Pilot" personas. They hold monopolized domains, far away from the reach of the five major Covenants. Local communities of Facers are headed by mentors, who act as spiritual counselers to other Facers and aid them to cope with their new state.

Below are the Faxists, vampires who have lost their Captain and are merely vehicles for the pilot. They are regarded with pity, as proofs of the weakness of their original owner, but still respected, since they carry out the will of the Consciences.


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