The Brethren of Albertus are a sect within the Society of Leopold that specializes in mages and sorcerers.


Magic is evil, but one must learn it to best combat it, or so go the teachings of Albertus Magnus. The Albertines excel in the arts of Theurgy, and use it to great effect against the supernatural. Although called “Brethren”, they were among the first sects to freely admit women into their ranks.

The Albertines are not always trusted. Most Inquisitors still believe that “good magic” is simply an illusion that opens the door to black magic. Strangely, though, no Inquisitor-General has ever expressly outlawed Theurgy. Some cynics believe that the Albertines maintain some control over the Inquisitor-General.

Although the Albertines cooperate with their fellow Inquisitors, rumors exist that the Brethren have their own private Cenaculum where they study their arts.


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