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Breed is a term used to describe the form in which a shapeshifter was born.


Werewolves have three breeds: homid (human-born), lupus (wolf-born), and metis (crinos-born). Most of the other fera share at least some of these forms with the garou, although their beast-born forms are known by other names appropriate to the animal species that they were born into. For example, the Bastet use the terms "homid" and "metis", but cat-born Bastet are feline instead of lupus.

The breed is determined by the natural form of a child’s mother. If the mother is a human or homid Garou, then the child is born as a homid. If the mother is a wolf or a lupus Garou, then the child is born as a lupus. If both the parents are garou, the child is born as a metis.

A werewolf’s true nature is shaped long before his First Change. If one of his parents is human, he will grow up in human society, learning the ways of man. If one of his parents is a wolf, he will be raised by wolves, and human society is a mystery to him. It’s also possible that a werewolf might he born to two human parents or to a mated pair of wolves, if the werewolf blood is strong enough in his family. As mentioned, though, the likelihood of such an occurrence is much lower