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A Brave is the Nunnehi equivalent of a Wilder among the Kithain.



Braves are the young adults of the tribe. They have passed their youngling years and are now accorded both respect and a vote in tribal matters. They are usually the most active members: forming war parties, harvesting Medicine, performing most of the work necessary to keep the Nation together, raising the younglings, and learning what they want to do with their lives. Braves frequently switch from one Camp to another in response to events, frustrations, and changing love affairs — sometimes within the space of minutes. They are more volatile emotionally than either the younglings, who have no real responsibilities, or the elders, who have learned to take a longer view of changing circumstances. Braves are respected for their strength and creativity.

On becoming a brave, the youngling's old name is taken from them and they are given a name they have either earned or which suits their temperament. Such names might be Red Spear, Hunts Well, or Watching Spider.

Initial Temper Scores


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