Brasília is the federal capital of Brazil and seat of its government in the Federal District. The city is located atop the Brazilian highlands in the country's center-western region. It was founded on April 21, 1960, to serve as the new national capital.


Brasília was built in the highlands beginning in 1957 in order to encourage development of the interior of the country. Brazilian Nosferatu took advantage of the construction, and have a well-fortified warren hidden deep beneath the city proper.

The Amaganti Warren is well protected by the natural geography of the area, and this protection is supplemented by specially designed vault doors designed to withstand the blast of a hydrogen bomb. Amanganti is allegedly guarded by land mines, flame-throwers and phosphorus grenades.

The Nosferatu speak proudly of their impenetrable fortress, but seldom make mention of why they felt the stronghold was necessary. Those who have asked have simply been informed that "She Who Screams in the Forests" has arisen.


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