Boxing Day (December 26th) is a festival of the Commoner fae celebrated in Europa and countries with strong European ties.

Overview Edit

This holiday is revered by conservative and moderate commoners. By tradition the local nobles box up small gifts and give them to all the other kith. These gifts range from small trinkets, like thimbles and beads, to weapons, jewelry, or chimera, depending on the relationship between the noble and commoner. This is also the day nobles announce titles granted to commoners or when the titles announced previously are bestowed. Some Unseelie nobles and commoners actually change places with each other for the day, replicating an old Samhain custom (But this is hardly common knowledge).

Many radical commoners see this holiday as an insult as to them it is just another reaffirmation of the power the nobility has. But they usually won't refuse the gifts.

References Edit

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