Boukephos, also known as Francisco Diego del Belmonte, is a childe of the Lasombra Antediluvian.


Boukephos was a Greek philosopher active in the Aegean Sea after his Embrace. By the time of the rise of Rome he was a regular attendant of the Eternal Senate.

Junior to Montano but senior to Gratiano, Boukephos was a force to be reckoned within the Lasombra hierarchy. To young Cainites during the War of Princes, Boukephos was the one of their elders who stayed current with the times.

Like his sire, Boukephos was a notorious wanderer, often absent from politics while educating his childer and grandchilder (including his great-grandchilder, as Talley the Hound can verify). He was one of three elder Lasombra that knew the Obtenebration power of Tchernabog, and was considered one of the true masters of Obtenebration (the Antediluvian and Montano being the two).

According to the Encyclopaedia Vampirica, Boukephos was destroyed during the Sabbat-Camarilla conflict on the East Coast of the United States in 1999.


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