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Borealis was White Wolf's imprint for publishing original fantasy, science fiction and horror fiction unrelated to storytelling games like the World of Darkness. Borealis was established in 1994 under the guidance of White Wolf co-founder Stewart Wieck, who also contributed several short stories to White Wolf and Borealis anthologies under the pen name "Stewart von Allmen".

Borealis's original fiction was soon followed by Borealis Legends, a line of trade paperback volumes under the Borealis imprint that reprinted classic fiction by influential writers in the fantasy genre, much of which had previously been out of print for years or decades. The first such author was Michael Moorcock, whose dark fantasy series about the antihero Elric of Melniboné, also known the the White Wolf, served as the namesake for the magazine and later company of the same name.

Although it received critical praise, Borealis soon suffered from massive returns, as major bookstore chains like Waldenbooks were shuttering their stores in large numbers from the mid-1990s onwards. As a result, production at Borealis wound down beginning in 1997, and the last Borealis books saw print in 2000. Following the demise of Borealis, Nancy A. Collins' Sonja Blue series remained at White Wolf at the Two Wolf Press imprint until 2006.


The stories we tell are not limited to monsters and harsh otherworlds. Yet the fiction books in the Borealis imprint certainly belong to a world other than our own. This line encompasses our science fiction, fantasy and horror novels and anthologies.

Borealis Legends

Borealis Legends

The founders of modern literary fancy deserve their own place in the light. The Borealis Legends line is a tribute to the creators of the science fiction, fantasy and horror genres as we know them today.

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